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We are committed to farming that would benefit the environment and our future customers. All our fields are maintained the old fashioned way, with the help of a hoe and a lot of dedication. By making the decision to respect the earth on which we grow our grapes, it is our hope that we will find a truly unique niche with those wine lovers that also share our respect and love for the environment. Being a small producer that has committed to organic farming practices, our product is very labor intensive. We hope our customers will appreciate the effort we have placed on our vineyard and enjoy our wines.

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Each bottle of wine is made from grapes that are hand selected to ensure top quality. We look to extract the most wonderful aromas, taste, and color from our grapes by gentle pressing techniques and patient barrel aging,


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"My name is Marcel and I purchased a case of the award winning wine Syrah. I can’t tell you enough how much I and my wife enjoyed it. The taste, the flavor, the aroma – and the quality is just phenomenal. I recommend this wine and their service second to none."

Marcel C.
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