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Meadowlark Vineyards Owners

Dr.Ramon and Sandra Guerrero, Meadowlark Vineyards Owners
Photo Credit: Photography By Misty

Vineyard owners Dr. Ramon and Sandra Guerrero took a trip to the Santa Ynez Valley in the spring of 2000. They immediately fell in love with this beautiful wine growing region. The Santa Ynez Valley is approximately 45 minutes from the City of Santa Barbara. Using their life savings, Ramon and Sandra began looking for a property that they could afford. Shortly after, a 17 acre parcel was purchased and their first vines were planted in 2002. Their first harvest occurred in 2005 and after a year in French and American oak barrels their first vintage was bottled.

Having grown up in California Dr. Ramon and Sandra Guerrero are fascinated by the beauty of naturally grown produce. As a child in Mexico, Dr. Guerrero has many fond memories of helping his grandfather plant, nurture and subsequently enjoy the great food mother earth had to offer. Although Dr. Guerrero didn’t know it at the time, his grandfather was an eco-friendly farmer. No pesticides or herbicides were ever used on his grandfather’s lands. Now the family continues the tradition of respecting and caring for the environment. The production of grapes using eco friendly solutions is at the heart and soul of Meadowlark Vineyards.

“When we began our project in California we made the commitment to farming that would benefit the environment and our future customers. It is not an easy task to keep a vineyard free of undesirable weeds without the use of herbicides. It would be much cheaper and easier to simply spray herbicides, but we don’t. All our fields are maintained the old fashioned way, with the help of a hoe and a lot of dedication. By making the decision to respect the earth on which we grow our grapes, it is our hope that we will find a truly unique niche with those wine lovers that also share our respect and love for the environment. Being a small producer that has committed to organic farming practices, our product is very labor intensive. We hope our customers will appreciate the effort we have placed on our vineyard and enjoy our wines.”

Meadowlark Vineyards is a Certified organic grower with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“We are very proud of being an organic grower (one of less than a handful in our area) and we can enjoy our wine knowing full well that it is free of harmful chemicals.”

“We are what we eat and drink. We at Meadowlark Vineyards are committed to eco-friendly solutions for vineyard management.”

Salud and thank you for your patronage,

– The Guerrero Family