What Wine Goes with Turkey?

What Wine Goes with Turkey?

Solving the Thanksgiving Wine Dilemma: What Wine Goes with Turkey?

By tradition, the wine is more present on the Thanksgiving table, then on any other meal of the year. And given the variety of foods and flavors, choosing a single wine can be quite difficult.

Uncork a great Thanksgiving feast this year with Meadowlark Vineyards wine.

Gary Vaynerchuk, host of  Wine Library TV and author of the book Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines: Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight and Bring Thunder to Your World, recommends to look for crowd-pleasers that won’t overpower your palate–or your head–during the long meal of Thanksgiving.

Wines that are fruity and tangy with acidity. The more acidic the wine, the more you salivate, which is especially helpful with dry turkey and stuffing. But these types of wines are also simple and easy-drinking.

For a practical example, we’ve asked Ramon Guerrero, the owner of Meadowlark Vineyards, CA to recommend us their best wine for the Thanksgiving dinner: “Traditionally, the Thanksgiving celebration is literally a feast, with a large meal centered around a large roasted turkey. To select a wine that would go with a variety of tastes, textures and aromas, our Thanksgiving wine favorites are:

Merlot 2007 Santa Barbara County Fruit forward bouquet, ripe and intense cherry aromas,with a touch of rich earth. Soft on the palate with a silkiness that reflects the unique fruitiness of this wine. Enjoy the subtle chocolaty finish of this enjoyable wine.”

Meadowlark Vineyards Syrah 2007 Soft vanilla aromas with ripe cherry accents and a hint of tobacco. Spicy, peppery, fruity aromatics that are rich on the palette. Rich wine, well balanced with clinging tannins and delightful”

About our Wine Making Process

Our wines are made from organically grown grapes from the the winemaking process starts with careful selection of optimized harvesting conditions. The wonderful and mostly predictable weather in the Santa Ynez Valley lends itself to wonderful fruit ripening.

Meadowlark Vineyard’s winemaking process is conducted in a controlled temperature facility. We look to extract the most wonderful aromas, taste and color from our grapes by gentle processing and press techniques. Primary fermentation is carried out in small, 1 to 2 ton, open vats that allow for easy and frequent punch downs. After gentle pressing, wine is transferred to American and French oak barrels for a minimum period of 12 months. From the final aging of these wines, only the best barrel selections are selected for final bottling. Our wines are unfiltered and after bottling wine is further aged for a minimum of 10 months prior to release.

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